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Copywriting Samples:
Brochures — Product

Creative concepts and business-to-business copywriting by William C. Blake

Industrial product brochures are my specialty.

Even with the advent of the Internet, most business-to-business companies wisely start each product launch with the product brochure. The brochure remains one of the best ways to have in-depth initial discussions of product positioning, unique selling propositions, graphics, corporate themes, and more.

Many good B2B websites owe much to the trailblazing thought that went into the brochure copywriting process . . . even if web developers go on to apply that information in very web-centric ways.

3M Versa respiratory protection brochure 3M Speedglas 9100 brochure 3M Versaflo S-Series Selection Guide
Client: 3M
Challenge: all-new designs for respiratory systems required buyers to think differently about soft headtops

Client: 3M
Challenge: how to get welders to upgrade from the enormously successful Speedglas 9000 to the new Speedglas 9100 helmet
Client: 3M
Challenge: a classic "selector tool" brochure for the normally complex task of specifying a powered or supplied air respiratory system
Thermagon T-lam brochure Braden Fog Cooling brochure Wahlco VOC Oxidizers brochure
Client: Thermagon
Challenge: needed a dramatic way to illustrate the design benefits of using a heat-wicking laminate for printed circuit boards (PCBs)
Client: Braden Manufacturing
Challenge: simple, direct explanation of complex, highly-engineered equipment: fog-cooling systems for increased production at gas turbine power plants
Client: Wahlco VOC Technologies
Challenge: new to industry, Wahlco needed a combination general capabilities brochure with inserts on specific system offerings
Preform Sealants brochure Wahlco Thermocouples brochure Braden Duct Isolation brochure
Client: Preform Sealants
Challenge: how to do a "product" brochure when virtually all orders are custom-made?
Client: Wahlco, Inc.
Challenge: a thermocouple engineering and manufacturing business needed to diversify its customer base
Client: Braden Manufacturing
Challenge: address the multitude of ways to isolate or divert airflows in gas turbine power plants
Thermagon Gap-Filler brochure Wahlco Metallic Bellows brochure Braden GT Inlet Air Treatment brochure
Client: Thermagon
Challenge: convince skeptic engineers that thermally-conductive gap fillers would actually improve their electronics packaging workflow
Client: Wahlco Engineered Products
Challenge: a manufacturer of stainless steel bellows needed to diversify its customer base into more OEM applications
Client: Braden Manufacturing
Challenge: create what amounts to a general capabilities brochure for a key product line: inlet air treatment for gas turbine power plants
ceramic coating brochure for architects and engineers copywriting sample copywriting for elastomerics for medical devices  
Client: EonCoat, LLC
Challenge: explain to dubious engineers an all-new coating technology based on a 2-part flexible ceramic spray. Visually demonstrate how "too-good-to-be-true" claims are, in fact, readily achievable.
Client: Parker Hannifin
Challenge: describe how traditional polysioprene compounds cannot meet rigorous new industry standards for medical enclosures...and how new synthetic compounds can.